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How to guide...

You dont have to be naked, you don't even have to undressed at all

...the sexiest you can look is when you are the most comfortable,

try a few boudoir shots of you dressed, show off different parts of your body. It doesn't just have to be cleavage, legs, and so on. Think about shoulders, hands, or your back for example.

Ask your partner what their favourite body part is, e.g. feet, legs, hands, neck.

a close up of your face can be amazing, you can choose your whole face, your eyes, lips, etc.

These are great as you don't have to worry about backgrounds

Think about action boudoir shots, like lazily getting undressed, playing with a pillow, running towards the camera or teasing your hair.

Try adding humour: naked but for your wellies! Do a sexy vintage housewife shot, maybe a little stocking leg showing through a slit in a skirt while doing the washing up with rubber gloves! Tease by hidding your body behind something child like, e.g. a teddy bear. Or just pull a funny face.

Unlike other photographs you don't have to look at the camera

or even show your face try turning away from the camera or even not showing your head at all by cropping it out of the shot.

think about light and exposure, using a lightly covered window can create a hazy halo effect arround you. you can even over expose the light so only your silhuet is visable, this can really flatter a curvacious look.

If you want a modern clean look hang a sheet over a curtain rail for a backdrop. play with colours.

reflective surfaces

you can use mirrors to great effect to show off different angles

don't forget other surface types to, a shiney table top for expample can make a refelection or add a wavy look.

to pose or not to pose - why not try both together! try being out of pose and moving into may catch the look your trying to achieve between un-posed and over posed

are you the type of person to be stuck indoors? there are plenty of great places outside too. gardens, pools, garages, cars, etc

use the things arround you. chairs, tables. rugs, curtains and so on. and they don't have to be used in the conventional way.

What about the bathroom? the classic in the bubble bath or stepping out the shower

are you doing this for you or yourself?

for you this is great little ego boost for you to see everyday

for them you can emphasis their favourite part of you for a great present

Add personality - being yourself in the photos makes all the difference

Who are you? cheeky, serious, sexy, fun, flirtatious

are you au-natural or dressed to the nines?

do you pull off the just got out of bed look or do you look best ready for a night out?

you don't have to be on your own the the photo! why not try some with you and your partner together

Slice and dice! You don't have to use the whole photo you can crop certain parts of the shot and get several boudoir pictures from one photo.

alternatively you could of course just try the fully naked look

Don't be afraid to explore all these the more you take the more likely you'll get that perfect Boudoir shot that you want.

Cameras! Don't worry about getting a latest wizzband tech, some of the most powerful cameras on the market are held in peoples hand everyday. Check out your camera phone its usually built specifically for portrait photography. Alternatively it can be used to take pre-shots in a thousand poses before you decide on a specific area that you want to use your better camera on.

Editing. Included in the price is some light editing. If you would like us too we can: turn your photos into B&W or sepia; add filters e.g. fading edges or bluring faces or private areas; or adding in specified borders; removing red eye. if there is something which you are trying to achieve we may be able to help advise how to re-take the shot your desire boudoir image. Don't forget that proffesional photographers take the same shot many, many times to ensure they get the right shot. You may not get it right first time, don't be afraid to take it again!

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